Welcome to HiveBrand.

Here at HiveBrand, we believe creativity and innovation are the two pillars of a successful brand. To bring those pillars to life, we are committed to nailing down the specifics to see the bigger picture. That’s why at HiveBrand, we treat our clients as our creative partners. We obsess over the design details and the nuances to craft the perfect story.

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Our Principles

Stay Agile

Innovating requires constant pivoting and exploration for ways to find new ideas and better methods. Agility is part of our fabric.

Work Hard

We are a diligent team that puts relentless effort into every task we do until we see the desired results for our clients.

Be Great

To be great fear isn’t an option, and no idea is foolish, we learn from our failures and get better every day.

Meet the team

Don Graham

Don Graham

Managing Director

Laura Busk

Laura Busk

Managing Partner