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In today’s ever-changing digital environment, a precise brand strategy supported by growth-oriented marketing is the number one way to help your business thrive. HiveBrand is a full-service creative marketing agency that can help your brand stand out through design thinking and digital innovation.

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Designing Buzz

Our Driving Principles



creative innovative strategic design thinkers that build buzz



in the way we think about problem solving



in creative ideas that have a focus on your target audience



that works and collaborate for a true partnership

News & Trends

The Psychology of Shape and why it matters

While many companies continue to consider “shape” to be something of a juvenile topic, the truth is that just like fonts and colors, shapes are an important aspect of logo design, capable of symbolizing ideas, expressing moods, and leading the eye.

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Agile vs. Linear Design Process

We are inherently creative beings and have a desire and need to make the world around us more livable. The design process is born out of this need. And at its core design is about problem-solving.

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JAMStacking with Netlify, Gastby and more

While we’re big fans of DigitalOcean and their one-click server setup, but, for this project, we decided to scrap the server, and it’s configurations, and go for the JAMStack serverless architecture. Say hello to the new hotness, Netlify.

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